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How to fix… Brexit: the Leave edition

This week, we're joined by Asa Bennet, Chris Bickerton and Prospect's own Alex Dean

By Steve Bloomfield  

Leaving the EU, despite what the Leave campaign claimed last year, is turning out to be rather complicated. We were supposed to save money—£350m a week—but now it seems we’re paying tens of billions first. We were supposed to quickly sign a trade deal with the rest of the EU—the German car manufacturer would insist on it, remember—but we haven’t even started talks about talks yet. And all those concerns about what this meant for Northern Ireland and the border were pretty straight-forward to deal with, really—but, well, we know where we are with that…

So, was there—is there—another way?

This week’s guests

In this week’s show, Steve Bloomfield and Stephanie Boland are joined by:

· Asa Bennet, Brexit commissioning editor

· Chris Bickerton, Cambridge academic

· Alex Dean, Prospect’s Brexit expert

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