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The Editor’s Club—share, support and get involved with Prospect


In late 2017, we launched our Editor’s Club, designed to give our most loyal supporters the chance to share Prospect with friends and family, support our forensic analysis of the thorniest of issues and get involved with behind-the-scenes access to our editorial team.

Editor’s Club members are taken deeper into the world of Prospect, attending summer parties to mingle with the editorial team, contributors and star names and joining exclusive conference calls with our editorial team to talk about the issues that matter—from Brexit to the future of the media. Members also get a seat at all our regular events free of charge, exclusive Editor’s Club-only content and a copy of Prospect’s 25th anniversary book.

“The Prospect Editor’s Club … offers a new dimension through its opportunities to engage in debates, attend events and feel part of an exciting intellectual network. It is a cliché but the Editor’s Club makes me feel part of the Prospect community.”

—Greg Lloyd, member





A club to share Prospect


There’s no greater pleasure than sharing ideas with friends and family.

That’s why every Editor’s Club membership includes two gift subscriptions—just give us the names and addresses of the people you most enjoy sharing ideas with, and we’ll send them every issue for a year, plus unlimited access to our archive online.

Your own subscription is included, of course; and if you already subscribe, we’ll refund the remainder of your existing subscription.

Prospect Editor’s Club is perfect for subscribers who relish informed debate on the big ideas of our time.




A club that supports Prospect journalism


At a time when the finger-jabbing certainties of social media are warping our politics, Prospect fosters thoughtful debate.

Prospect does not—and does not try—to make a profit. By joining our Editor’s Club, you’ll be helping our vital work continue. Your Editor’s Club membership will help fund our analysis of the issues that matter most. You’ll be supporting writing like Rafael Behr’s essay on how Twitter is poisoning politics, and Tom Clark’s long read on whether it’s finally time for Britain to get a proper constitution.

And you’ll be helping us cover subjects other outlets don’t, like Philip Ball’s analysis of whether machines could ever create works of artistic genius. Then there is Stefanie Marsh’s report on the woman tracking down sperm donors and reconnecting them with their biological children and Cal Flyn’s essay on how machine learning is moving us closer to being able to decode animal languages.

The Editor’s Club is perfect for subscribers who value Prospect‘s mission to drag Britain out of the echo chamber.




A club that gets you involved


Your membership to Prospect‘s Editor’s Club includes:

  • A free copy of our new book Think Again, celebrating 25 years of Prospect
  • Free entry to events with figures like David Runciman, Peter Kellner, Rory Stewart, former GCHQ head David Omand and authors Pankaj Mishra, Elif Shafak and John O’Farrell
  • Exclusive updates on what we’re doing and behind-the-scenes accounts of how we put together the magazine—from choosing illustrations to an insider account of putting together our Arts and Books pages




An events programme that runs all year


Editor’s Club members are able to attend all Prospect events free of charge including our monthly Book Clubs, held at our offices in Westminster. Membership also includes access to Prospect events held anywhere else in the UK, including at the Hay Festival and an invitation to our annual summer party. The summer party offers a rare opportunity to mingle with Prospect contributors, editors and star names in the heart of Westminster. Discuss whatever is on your mind with our editorial team and fellow Prospect enthusiasts.


Exclusive access to what we’re thinking and what we’re doing


Members can dial in, to participate in our Editor’s Club conference calls on topics from Cambridge Analytica to Donald Trump. Plus they are sent regular behind-the-scenes information on how we are making our editorial decisions. Recently, members received a full rundown of how the pieces included in Think Again were selected.

In the week before the printed magazine drops on to subscribers’ doormats and appears in the shops, Editor’s Club members receive an electronic version in their inbox, so they are always one step ahead.


The Editor’s Club is perfect for subscribers with something to say who want
direct access to the people who shape Prospect’s thinking

It’s easy to join online from £187 a year. Plus, join today and we’ll send you an exclusive Editor’s Club branded Parker Pen.