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How to fix: a new podcast from Prospect

Too much coverage of politics focuses on personalities not policies. It’s time to fix that.

How to Fix, Prospect’s newest podcast, will deliver in-depth coverage of some of the most pressing issues of our time.

There will be no soundbites and no talking heads arguing with each other.

Instead, leading experts and politicians from the UK and around the world will outline the arguments and propose genuine solutions.

Presented by Prospect’s Deputy Editor Steve Bloomfield, How to Fix is available on iTunes or with your favourite podcast provider.

Listen here…

Episode 9: How to fix… Air pollution

Episode 8: How to fix… Refugee camps

Episode 7: How to fix… Sexual harassment

Episode 6: How to fix… Mental health

Episode 5: How to fix… Rough sleeping

Episode 4: How to fix… Nato

Episode 3: How to fix… PMQs

Episode 2: How to fix… newspapers

Episode 1: How to fix… social care


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