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Watch: The Big Pivot—the third sector post Covid-19

By Chris Tilbury  

UK charities do enormous good. Beyond their social benefits they employ an estimated 900,000 people, generating £15 billion in GDP.

That is only a tiny part of the function of charities. The social good created by charities is close to incalculable. Charities are embedded in our lives, not just the lives of service providers, service users and volunteers, but in the lives of communities across Britain. The Covid-19 crisis has been tough for the charity sector. One study has forecasted that 10 per cent of the UK’s 166,000 charities will be forced to declare bankruptcy by the end of 2020, with a funding shortfall of £10 billion opening up.

This could have disastrous consequences not just for the sector, but for the millions in Britain and around the world who rely on it for support.

  • How do we expect covid to affect philanthropy and charitable donations?
  • What is the impact on the country in a shortfall of charitable funding?
  • How can charities respond?
  • What innovative ways can people and technology help alleviate some of the pressures?
  • What should government do to support the sector?


  • Alicia Kennedy – Baroness Kennedy of Cradley
  • Philip Almond – Executive Director Fundraising & Marketing, Cancer Research UK (CRUK)
  • Marcelle Speller OBE – Founder & Chairman, Brevio
  • Peter Laing – Chief Executive, The Renewal Programme
  • Laura Chow – Head of Charities, People’s Postcode Lottery

This event is kindly supported by Brevio. Brevio is a social enterprise on a mission to digitise and standardise UK Third Sector grant applications.

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