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Watch: Homes for all—what new social and affordable housing can do for Britain

By Chris Tilbury  

House building is a massive driver of the UK economy and makes a huge contribution to communities across the country. While delivering much-needed new homes of all tenures, house building creates and sustains jobs, generates receipts for the exchequer and boosts investment in infrastructure and amenities in villages, towns and cities where large sums are ploughed into new roads, schools and community facilities every year.

The increases in housing supply in recent years have delivered significant benefits for UKPLC and the industry is investing in more land and people to enable it to go further and build more. It is worth approximately £38bn per year and supports 700,000 jobs.

Despite the clear social, environmental and economic benefits presented by new and innovative approaches to housing, the provision of new housing, is not yet meeting the country’s needs. This is particularly acute when we consider social and affordable housing. Issues with planning and delivery have been cited, along with the cost of land. Delivering more homes will not only help solve our acute housing crisis, but also provide a further boost to communities and economies up and down the country which is needed now more than ever.

On the webinar we will welcome the Minister of Housing, Christopher Pincher MP along with other senior speakers to discuss how to overcome the barriers and create the policies that will allow us to deliver the government’s ambition of 300k homes a year in England.

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