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Think Tank Awards Shortlist

By Prospect Team  

We’re pleased to announce the shortlist for the Think Tank Awards 2020. Thank you to everyone who entered this year. The quality of each submission was extremely high.

To register to watch the awards and find out the winners, click here and join us on 15th December.

Find out who judged this year’s awards.

Think Tanker of the Year 

Anand Menon

Ilona Szabó

Nick Hillman



Common Wealth

IPPR North

Policy Exchange



IPPR North

Legatum Institute: Social Metrics Commission


One to Watch

Common Wealth

Fridtjof Nansen Institute

Prague Security Studies Institute


Climate Change & Environment  

Beyond Zero Emissions

Inter-American Dialogue

Resources for the Future


Economic & Financial Affairs


National Institute of Economic and Social Research

Peterson Institute


Foreign Affairs

Centre for European Reform


UK in a Changing Europe


Health & Social Policy

Centre for Social Justice




Medicine, Science & Technology  

Inter-American Dialogue

International Institute for Sustainable Development



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