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The Parliamentary Staff Awards 2019 | Shortlist

By Prospect Team  

Parliament is back, and so are we!

The Parliamentary Staff Awards have never been more important. These awards recognise the staff who in 2019 dealt with one of the most turbulent parliaments in living memory.

You were there through the tail end of the longest parliamentary session in history (measured by sitting days), followed quickly by one of the shortest! No recess from January until April. The attempted prorogation of parliament and the sudden mad dash back to Westminster during Labour Party conference. All the while finding out over Twitter that the MP you worked for, was no longer a member of the same political party they had been part of that morning!

It’s been tumultuous to say the least, but the one constant is the dedicated staff behind each and every MP. Whether your member is the stalwart of their party or decided to step down, whether they triumphed spectacularly or were not returned on 12th December, the awards are here to recognise you and all the hard work that you do regardless.

And with that, we’re delighted to announce the shortlist for 2019.

The shortlist:

The Constituency Casework Award | Conservative Party
Charlotte Graham-Cameron | Office of Stephen Barclay MP
Hannah Margetts | Office of Royston Smith MP
Lynda Kritikou | The office of the former MP Luke Graham
Sonia Johar | Office of Philip Davies MP

The Constituency Casework Award | Labour Party
Emily Ahmed | Office of Gill Furniss MP
Karrie Mould | Office of Luke Pollard MP
Mary Jo Bishop | Office of Seema Malhotra MP
Sabah Kanwal | Office of Debbie Abrahams MP

The Policy Research Award | Conservative Party
Christine Wallace | Office of Andrew Selous MP
Hannah Margetts | Office of Royston Smith MP
Melanie Addis | Office of Dame Cheryl Gillan MP
Oscar Bicket | Office of Bob Seely MP

The Policy Research Award | Labour Party
Agha Hasan | Office of Khalid Mahmood MP
Cara Sanquest | Office of Stella Creasy MP
Gurinder Jhans | The office of the former MP Madeleine Moon

The Staffer of the Year Award
Catherine Warren | The office of the former MP Justine Greening (Ind)
Isabel Williamson | Office of Philippa Whitford MP (SNP)
Kari Mawhood | Office of Debbie Abrahams MP (Lab)
Simon Jennings | Office of Chris Heaton-Harris MP (Con)

Congratulations to those shortlisted!

The Parliamentary Staff Awards will take place on the 4th February, where winners will receive their prize. For further information about the awards, please email

The Parliamentary Staff Awards are kindly supported by Octopus

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