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The sacred and the human

Today's atheist polemics ignore the main insight of the anthropology of religion—that religion is not primarily about God, but about the human need for the sacred. As René Girard argues, religion is not the cause of violence, but the solution…
Roger Scruton  

Desecrating Wagner

Contemporary Wagner productions "domesticate" the dramas, betraying a fear of sublime experience and the power of myth. Taking myth seriously was Wagner's big idea
Roger Scruton  

Mean streets

The disorder of the modern city stems in part from the modernist design of telephone booths and street lamps. Street furniture has ceased to represent civic order
Roger Scruton  

Perfect shadows

All the bickering about the Royals is beside the point-what matters is the office, not the suitability of the office holder. Roger Scruton says this is better understood in former communist states than in old democracies
Roger Scruton