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George at 100

The last job for Orwell biographers is to examine his faults and catalogue his enemies. But it only serves to confirm his virtues
Geoffrey Wheatcroft  

Tricks of memory

The 20th century has witnessed the conquering of infectious disease, soaring life expectancy and a miracle of economic growth. Yet it is often described as the most terrible century in human history-and we can't even remember its horrors without descending…
Geoffrey Wheatcroft  

Monica’s year

In 1997, "Diana's year" illustrated a dominant theme of our age: that the right has won politically, but the left has won culturally. In 1998, "Monica's year" illustrates a related theme: the political problem of our age is the brutality…
Geoffrey Wheatcroft  

Music’s dying fall

In every generation there are those who bemoan the death of classical music. But what if, this time round, they are right? A living musical culture is being crushed between easy-listening commercialisation and an unmusical avant-garde which speaks only to…
Geoffrey Wheatcroft  

Ireland and the left

Peace of a kind may be coming to Northern Ireland. But, says Geoffrey Wheatcroft, it is no thanks to the soft-headed indulgence of the republican movement by the old British left
Geoffrey Wheatcroft  

Annus memorabilis

Some say that the story of our times is that the right has won politically, but the left has won culturally. The year 1997-with the Labour election landslide and the death of Diana-has provided vivid evidence to support the claim
Geoffrey Wheatcroft