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The spirit of co-operation

New research backs up a neglected political insight that collaboration can flourish without the state. And it underpins David Cameron’s project to build a “bigger” society
David Willetts  

The meaning of Margaret

One of Margaret Thatcher's young ideologues from the 1980s—and now a senior Conservative thinker—reflects on where Thatcherism came from and why he is no longer a Thatcherite
David Willetts  

A Tory community

The Conservative party has traditionally combined two great principles—personal freedom and public service. It now needs a new idea of community
David Willetts  

Conservatism now

Labour says it can combine social cohesion with economic efficiency but so far it is just being bossy. Tories understand real institutions, not abstract communities
David Willetts  

The Millbank moralist

Tony Wright is an impeccable New Labour Blairite, argues David Willetts, but his book has little to offer beyond outdated admiration for the German model and moral denunciation
David Willetts