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The liberal nation

Having transformed domestic politics, Tony Blair is now constructing a new idiom for Britain's place in the world in which liberal values can coexist with a proper patriotic pride
David Marquand  

Pluralism v populism

Britain is sleepwalking into a constitutional revolution. There has been little Britain-wide debate on the rationale or implications of the changes. Nor has the pluralist logic of the new system of checks and balances been fully accepted by a New…
David Marquand  

The Blair paradox

One year on, David Marquand is still perplexed by the Blair project. New Labour has not yet acquired a distinctive ideology but critics are wrong to see it as the continuation of Thatcherism by other means. The government combines economic…
David Marquand  

The great reckoning

The global free market economy will inspire a countermovement-just as it did 100 years ago. David Marquand and the political economists he reviews here agree about that. But will we have to chose between the free market and the free…
David Marquand