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Reclaiming the story

Prospect is launching a major new annual award designed to honour Britain's finest short story writers and to re-establish the importance of the story as a central literary form. The National Short Story prize will be the largest award in…
Alexander Linklater  

Frank Gehry

The world's most important architect is completing his first British building, and behind it lies an LA story - of how Gehry took on the 21st century's defining suburban city, and triumphed.
Alexander Linklater  

Watching her

Standing by while my partner performed in the explicit film, Intimacy, I experienced a strange kind of controlled jealousy. I was her voyeur
Alexander Linklater  

Irvine Welsh

He sells millions of books by writing about human degradation in a Scottish phonetic vernacular. Is this Britain's strangest literary phenomenon?
Alexander Linklater