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Slowing the clock

Some of our cells are immortal and some die with us. Tom Wilkie reports on how understanding the difference may help us slow down ageing
Tom Wilkie  

Lords of creation

A huge advance in our understanding of the human genetic code has opened the way to potential cures for killer diseases. It has also set private drug companies against the public sector Human Genome Project over whether patenting is appropriate…
Tom Wilkie  

The gene cuisine

Europe is in a mess over genetically modified foods. From tomato purée to margarine, genetically engineered products are already available in the shops. Tom Wilkie assesses the health, commercial and regulatory implications of this new technology
Tom Wilkie  

Nuclear dustbin blues

Britain has just joined the club of nuclear nations with no coherent plan for nuclear waste disposal, despite two decades of debate and the spending of hundreds of millions of pounds. It is a case study in government avoidance of…
Tom Wilkie