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Five years Labour

In 1997, New Labour seized the centre ground with its marriage of Thatcherism and social democracy. How does the Blair-Brown duopoly measure up in practice? Will New Labour dominate the 21st century?
Robert Skidelsky  

Gulag Baden-Baden

Robert Skidelsky takes part in an unusual academic conference on the edge of Siberia. He visits Stalin's last gulag and hears Shirley Williams sing
Robert Skidelsky  

Marquand’s missing link

David Marquand attributes a succession of Britain's economic and social problems to its archaic state. The link between his politics and economics is not clear and that both have been overtaken by events
Robert Skidelsky  

Bring back Keynes

Keynesian economics has been in retreat politically and theoretically for 25 years. If the Keynesians can learn from their critics and curtail their ambitions, a modest rehabilitation is now appropriate
Robert Skidelsky  

Russian lessons

Robert Skidelsky spent a month in Russia, playing bridge, monitoring an election, learning Russian, and observing the anxieties of ordinary citizens
Robert Skidelsky  

Welfare without the state

Europe's welfare states are squeezed between rising demand and the declining readiness of taxpayers to finance it. The result is big deficits, slow growth, and dissatisfaction with the welfare services on offer. Robert Skidelsky recommends a return to the liberal…
Robert Skidelsky