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Iran diary

I fly out to Iran an hour after the Royal Navy captives return to Britain. How will the Iranians receive me?
Robert Jackson  

University challenges

The debate about British higher education will soon hot up again. The sector cannot continue as a nationalised industry. The best alternative is not privatisation but a mixed-economy partnership, as in the US
Robert Jackson  

Happy ending

The opening of accession talks with Turkey and the new EU budget settlement add up to a resoundingly successful British EU presidency
Robert Jackson  

Time for a deal

Tony Blair's final chance to leave a lasting mark on Britain's relations with the EU is to trade in Britain's rebate for a decisive reform of the common agricultural policy
Robert Jackson  

Dear Angela Merkel

It is probable that Angela Merkel will become Germany's first woman chancellor later this year. Robert Jackson explains to her why he thinks Britain and Germany would make such a fine European team
Robert Jackson