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England’s history boy

Melvyn Bragg's celebrity means that his novels are not usually taken seriously by critics. But his widely read sagas of family and place, depicting a vanishing England, make him one of the most important national novelists we have
Robert Colls  

English journeys

From the Boys' Brigade to postcolonial Sudan, my early years brought me into contact with many kinds of Englishness. But what was never in doubt was that each was part of a whole. It is hard to say the same…
Robert Colls  

What Simon says

Simon Barnes's reflections on sport's "meaning" too often come at the expense of his subjects. He should get back to writing about what he sees, not what he thinks
Robert Colls  

Shearer’s paradox

Like most big football clubs, Newcastle United doesn't understand the magic it works—as the official club tour proves
Robert Colls