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Modern moral subjects

George Grosz was inspired by William Hogarth but Grosz gets better treatment from the Royal Academy than Hogarth gets from the Tate, says Norbert Lynton
Norbert Lynton  

Monumental failures

From Henry Moore to Giacometti, modern sculpture has seldom produced successful public monuments. Norbert Lynton is pessimistic about Antony Gormley, but not about David Nash
Norbert Lynton  

An abstract England

From Constable's Cornfield at the National Gallery to Abstract Art in the Twentieth Century at New York's Guggenheim, Norbert Lynton considers English views of art
Norbert Lynton  

The point of Cézanne

For the first time since the war London is about to host a comprehensive exhibition of Cézanne's work. Norbert Lynton assesses the painter's place in the pantheon and asks whether he is the grandfather of Damien Hirst
Norbert Lynton