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Not quite like teen spirit

In little over ten years, British music festivals like Glastonbury have changed from squalid teenage rites of passage into fun-filled family breaks. And what is wrong with that?
Nick Crowe  

Reich at 70

America's greatest living composer helped dig classical music out of its mire of discordance, and reunited serious and popular traditions. Happy birthday Mr Reich
Nick Crowe  

Melody makers

Despite routine claims of decline, music in Britain is thriving. Bands, groups and choirs of all kinds are flourishing, and new digital technologies have opened up the world of music to a generation of bedroom-based producer-players. But can our schools…
Nick Crowe  

Jazz forecast

Gwyneth Herbert is the latest in a popular wave of jazz vocalists doomed to plunder the old kitbag of song
Nick Crowe  

Rap’s last tape

Sapped of verbal vitality and ghetto pride, hip hop's profanities are little more than a soundtrack to greed
Nick Crowe