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The lesser evil

At a gathering in Paris, French intellectuals conclude that they must support the Algerian government's "armed solution." Michael Ignatieff considers what, if anything, Europe can do
Michael Ignatieff  

The Meaning Of Diana

It was an extraordinary episode but what does it tell us? Prospect writers (and guests) try to make some sense of the events of the past few weeks
Michael Ignatieff  

Where are they now?

Once our credulity was based on ignorance-now it is based on overload. More than ever before, we need independent intellectuals to sort the wheat from the chaff. But they have disappeared
Michael Ignatieff  

Belonging in the past

In post-Thatcher Britain, we are nostalgic for social cohesion and a sense of belonging. But Michael Ignatieff argues that we cannot reconcile freedom with belonging. New Labour's stakeholding and constitutional reforms are welcome, but they cannot turn back the tide…
Michael Ignatieff