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Dispatches from hell

At the peak of his powers, TS Eliot battled misery and melancholia. This second volume of his letters offers a fascinating guide to these harrowing years
Kevin Jackson  

Hitler’s myth-maker

Leni Riefenstahl's apologists say she was a pure aesthete who cared nothing for politics. But it was her indifference to how her talents were used that made her so repugnant
Kevin Jackson  

Jean-Paul Sartre

As a teenage existentialist in the 1970s, I feasted on Sartre. He had already become unfashionable in Paris, but now, on the centenary of his birth, France is coming to appreciate him again
Kevin Jackson  

The bipolar artist

Not since the Renaissance has a genius practised two artistic forms with equal brilliance, except Strindberg, whose paintings are as original as the plays
Kevin Jackson  

The Orwell of cinema

Celebrating the film-maker Humphrey Jennings and his wartime explorations of the British character. He was the Poet Laureate of 1940s cinema
Kevin Jackson