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As good as Heaney

It's easy to be blinded by the dazzle of Clive James's many talents. Yet his most enduring claim to greatness is not his novels, satire or journalism, but his exquisite essays and poems
Julian Gough  

Letter from Berlin

The world's artists have moved to Berlin. It has cheap studios, cheap flats and cheap beer. It's poor but sexy. And you can pick up a free trampoline on your way to work
Julian Gough  

Divine comedy

The Greeks understood that comedy (the gods' view of life) is superior to tragedy (the merely human). But since the middle ages, western culture has overvalued the tragic and undervalued the comic. This is why fiction today is so full…
Julian Gough  

In the jar

Adrift at sea, submerged in olive oil, all my bodily needs are satisfied, and I can dream
Julian Gough