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National success

Successful nation states have been built not on race, but on liberal political institutions and a dominant language or culture. But the EU is not a nation or a state, and is neither democratic nor culturally coherent. We should think…
Ian Buruma  

Endless apologies

Public confessions and apologies are a bad habit imported from undemocratic countries. Ian Buruma says they should stop
Ian Buruma  

Cantonese cowboys

Can Hong Kong show China the way forward towards freedom and prosperity? Ian Buruma talks to people in Hong Kong, and over the border in Shenzhen, about the rule of law, Chinese patriotism and doing business
Ian Buruma  

Smugness at dawn

Ian Buruma is glad to see the back of the Tory government, but he is already grinding his teeth at the sanctimonious nonsense being spouted by his bien pensant friends
Ian Buruma  

Mohammad goes to Brighton

When Ian Buruma visited the Referendum party conference, he expected to find latter-day Mosleyites. Instead he met nostalgic, mild-mannered members of the middle class
Ian Buruma  


In China's age of economic liberalisation, the new Shanghai is being ordered to get rich again - on condition that artists and writers, who gave the old Shanghai its free spirit, stay mute. Ian Buruma reports on a metropolis with…
Ian Buruma