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Chaps doing things

Herb Greer goes to Oxford to hear Nigel Kennedy play Elgar and Beethoven with a student rchestra. As long as he plays like this, we can forgive him his mannered eccentricity
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Playing victim

The modern cult of the victim was foreshadowed by American playwrights in the 1940s. Blanche DuBois is the classic victim heroine and is almost beyond Jessica Lange
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Northern pleasure palace

Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre is about to join the big time. Herb Greer looks back on 40 years of achievement and welcomes the company's latest production
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Mouthful of ashes

Harold Pinter's plays still enjoy an aura of profundity. But, says Herb Greer, it is time the critics recognise them for what they really are-delicately crafted tosh
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Missed fit

Herb Greer is depressed by a play about the making of the Marilyn Monroe film "The Misfits." It is time to let the poor woman rest in peace foundations remain uncertain. Ernest Gellner unravels the flaws in the work of…
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Musical promotion

The aesthetic apartheid which once separated opera from musicals is crumbling in Britain. A good thing too, says Herb Greer-the US should follow suit
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