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Crisis, what crisis?

The Asian crisis has not brought down global capitalism. Most of the affected countries are now recovering strongly and some have more liberal regimes. But while the world's attention has been diverted eastwards, western corporations have been quietly rewriting the…
Gerald Segal  

A Western theme

The west is not as dominant as it once was. But neither is it threatened by rival power centres, as the economic turmoil in east Asia underlines. Instead, argue Barry Buzan and Gerald Segal, we are moving into a "Westernistic"…
Gerald Segal  

Tigers at bay

The east Asian economic shock reminds both Asians and westerners that the tiger economies are subject to normal economic laws. Gerald Segal hopes we will now hear less about Asian values
Gerald Segal  

East Asian myths

From Asian values to the Asian growth miracle, the west is mesmerised by the east. But Gerald Segal warns east Asia that it should not believe its own myth of a Pacific century: economic growth will slow and social and…
Gerald Segal