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Dancing on the edge

A few weeks before the Pope's January visit, George Walden arrived in Cuba to find that prostitution seems to be the only part of the country's economy which functions. Is Cuba heading for a grand finale?
George Walden  

France says no

France is in a mess. But in hesitating to embrace the new certainties of neo-liberalism the French may have a point. The recent triumphalism of the Anglo-Saxon world is misplaced, and in Britain it may now be giving way to…
George Walden  

Sentimental education

Educational apartheid is still at the heart of Britain's social division and academic under-achievement. George Walden, who has been conducting a one man campaign at Westminster to open private education to the talents, deconstructs his own book on segregation and…
George Walden  

British museums

At the end of this century Britain will open its first gallery dedicated to modern art-a movement established before 1914. George Walden looks at what the Bankside gallery tells us about Britain's political and intellectual culture and compares it with…
George Walden