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Grandmasters of war

Was Bobby Fischer's defeat of Boris Spassky in 1972 really a product of liberal democracy's superiority to communism, as Daniel Johnson suggests? No—it was simply a game in which the better player won
Erik Tarloff  

Political thrills

In imagining Tony Blair's future, Robert Harris goes some way to explaining the mistakes of his past. But shouldn't he have aimed for something more ambitious than a thriller?
Erik Tarloff  

Caught up in The Wire

The gangster series "The Sopranos," which recently ended, has been described as the greatest television show ever. But the police procedural "The Wire," also made by HBO, is even better.
Erik Tarloff  

Chaos and horror

Don DeLillo, an undoubted master, has a gift for creating an atmosphere of inchoate dread. Yet his latest novel feels flat and static and lacks a sense of purpose. At least it has a superb ending
Erik Tarloff  

A kind of genius

Thomas Pynchon's new novel is full of sharp jokes and gorgeous writing—but it is also incoherent and emotionally distancing. Is the journey worth it?
Erik Tarloff  

Swing district

For the Democrats to regain the House of Representatives in November, they must win district WA-08. I went there to meet their challenger Darcy Burner, a little-known former Microsoft employee
Erik Tarloff