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Interviewing the interviewer

Janet Malcolm once wrote about the duplicitous relationship of journalists to their subjects. Elena Lappin talked to Malcolm, less about her Chekhov book than herself
Elena Lappin  

Previous convictions

I didn't understand the violence of rap lyrics - until I heard my son playing Eminem. There was a wit to the insults that made me think of Elizabethan poetry.
Elena Lappin  

Milan Kundera

The great Czech writer has been living in France since the 1970s, and now writes in French. But his emigre's anxiety still haunts him. He will never go back, but his latest book is his saddest ever
Elena Lappin  

Atta in Hamburg

Mohammed Atta cultivated an academic life, German friends and a terrorist network. How did this sterile city become the launch pad for 9/11?
Elena Lappin