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Sicilian dusk

The late Sicilian novelist Leonardo Sciascia was an expert chronicler of Italy's moral anguish, and both an artist and politician
Duncan Fallowell  

Mahler man

Gilbert Kaplan is a businessman with little musical training who has learnt to conduct Mahler's 2nd symphony. Last year he was in St Petersburg, next month it's Moscow
Duncan Fallowell  

The unwanted review

Cioran is a Romanian genius, a philosopher who can turn extreme anguish into supreme elegance. But, as Duncan Fallowell finds out, no one seems to care
Duncan Fallowell  

Venetian blind

Venice was once a city of velvet and marble-now it is tense with clingfilm, the most useless city in Italy. Duncan Fallowell has never been to Venice and thinks Oslo might be more inspiring
Duncan Fallowell