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Sleepwalking to hell

It is usually the generals who carry the blame for the carnage of the first world war. Derek Coombs reconsiders Roy Jenkins's biography of Asquith and argues that the politicians have escaped lightly
Derek Coombs  

The moral minority

There was shit on the wall and pee running down the staircase. Derek Coombs recalls a problem estate suffering from the inexorable decline of stable families
Derek Coombs  

The single issue

The coming dispute over the relationship between Euro "ins" and "outs" could begin the unravelling of the EU. Derek Coombs says that Britain has considerable clout on this issue but should not abuse it
Derek Coombs  

A modest separation

Derek Coombs once arranged secret talks between the IRA and the British government. He now believes talks cannot work-but re-drawing the border might
Derek Coombs  

A modest proposal

There is broad political consensus on the remedies for many of Britain's ills. Derek Coombs, chairman of Prospect and a former MP, regrets that it is not reflected in parliament
Derek Coombs