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Follow the leader

The "Blairism" strategy of the centre-left has brought ten years of power, thanks to a centralised leadership system attuned to the interests of middle Britain. Without Blair this system will no longer work. So will Labour now turn to electoral…
David Soskice  

To the core

Britain's debate about Europe is dominated by misunderstandings about Germany. David Soskice says that Germany's economic problem is deflation, not over-regulation, and the only way to liberate Europe from its effects is for Britain to join France in breaking the…
David Soskice  

The stake we’re in

Labour's stakeholder Britain shouldn't try to emulate Germany, argues David Soskice. Germanic institutions would not work in Britain's de-regulated, service-based, economy. Rather, Labour should try to offer people a stake in the new labour market
David Soskice