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The battle for Tehran

Despite a violent crackdown, Iran's youth continue to defy the regime, and their leader stand firm. But as the death toll rises, what hope is there of a resolution? And are the protesters even agreed on what they want?

Anniversary blues in Iran

As Iran's Islamic Republic celebrates its 30th anniversary, its oil wealth is in decline and the confidence of the past decade looks increasingly brittle. But whatever happens in the June election America needs a fresh approach
Christopher de Bellaigue  

Blame it on the Brits

Most people think British power has declined over the past century, but not the Iranians. On the 30th anniversary of the revolution they remain deeply suspicious of British motives. These feelings are now irrational, but are grounded in history
Christopher de Bellaigue  

Shopping in Tehran

Normal domestic politics has resumed in Iran after the recent US declaration that Iran gave up its nuclear weapons programme in 2003. Ahmadinejad's many opponents will now try to make him pay for his economic failures
Christopher de Bellaigue