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Explaining the financial crisis

The credit crunch was an accident waiting to happen, thanks to a long period of benign market conditions which encouraged riskier behaviour by financiers. But how did problems in the US mortgage market spread to become a crisis of bank…
Charles Goodhart  

EMU: Here it comes, but will it work?

A panel of supporters and sceptics agree that Emu will get off to a flying start. They also agree that it represents a significant sacrifice of sovereignty. But what about its longer-term prospects? And is Britain's choice one between staying…
Charles Goodhart  

One government, one money

An obscure economic dispute between Metallists and Cartalists reveals an unnoticed difficulty with Emu. Charles Goodhart, a leading financial economist, says that crises in the foreign exchange markets could simply shift to the bond markets
Charles Goodhart  

EMU: a future that works?

In December Europe's national leaders meet in Madrid to prepare for the 1996 inter-governmental conference. Monetary union will be high on their agenda. As differences widen over the likelihood, timing and desirability of a single currency, Charles Goodhart provides a…
Charles Goodhart