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British Islam after Rushdie

As I found out in a journey across Britain, the central conflict in Muslim communities is not between secular and Islamic values, but between the generations of the Muslim families who live here
Anshuman A Mondal  

For God and country

Ed Husain seems to think that all Islamists eventually become terrorists. But why single them out? What about racists, left wing sympathisers, or even people who care about animals and the environment?
Anshuman A Mondal  

A Muslim middle way?

Ed Husain, founder of the Quilliam Foundation, lumps together divergent forms of political Islam. If the foundation is to help steer British Muslims away from extremism, it will need to adopt a more nuanced approach to politics
Anshuman A Mondal  

Liberal Islam?

Islam's reformers of the 19th century failed to reconcile their faith with modernity. Is there any more hope today for the emergence of political liberalism in Islamic states?
Anshuman A Mondal