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Brains, minds and books

Books on the brain and consciousness pour off the presses-from Daniel Dennett, John Searle, Susan Greenfield and others. Andrew Brown surveys the recent literature and asks why our knowledge remains so sketchy and contested
Andrew Brown  

Only connect

CD-Roms were supposed to be the vanguard of a multimedia revolution. Andrew Brown asks why, with a few exceptions, they seem to have flopped
Andrew Brown  

Beautiful metaphors, bad science

Richard Dawkins-God's own atheist-has become an academic celebrity thanks to his vigorous defence of classical science. Andrew Brown reviews his recent work and argues that his DNA-determinism merely substitutes one God for another
Andrew Brown  

The unholy mess

The camp liturgical dance, which has led the Anglican church through a decade of conflict, scandal and humiliation, finally appears to be over. Andrew Brown gives two cheers for the arrival of George Carey's "Jesus plc"
Andrew Brown