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Nicholas Stern

Stern's report was attacked for being alarmist when it came out in 2006. But now he is going for a new global environment deal in Copenhagen next year. What are its chances?
Alun Anderson  

Jacqueline McGlade

The head of the European Environment Agency explains why northern Europe should brace itself for more flooding, what role technology can play in cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and why she wants to replace income tax with "pollution taxes"
Alun Anderson  

Michael Rawlins

The chairman of Nice—the body that decides which drugs the NHS can afford—on the Herceptin row, how Nice calculates the value of a human life and the pharmaceutical industry's expensive drugs crisis
Alun Anderson  

Craig Venter

The maverick who led the private-sector human genome sequencing now has plans for clean energy. He says he never aimed to "privatise" the genome and thinks science and commerce can be best friends
Alun Anderson  

John Krebs

The scientist who steered the Food Standards Agency through a turbulent five years on the role of experts in a hyperdemocratic age, openness in public life, and what the state can do to prevent obesity
Alun Anderson