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The science of belief

Sceptics increasingly seek to explain faith as a product of nature; Lewis Wolpert thinks it is down to tool-making. But maybe there is a problem with the word "origin"
AS Byatt  

The feeling brain

Antonio Damasio takes neuroscience back to its philosophical origins in Spinoza's "mind-body" and reveals the "embodied consciousness" of art
AS Byatt  

Faith in science

The Darwin wars have been fought with too much fury. The dialogue between We need calm and care to negotiate the post-Darwinian landscape
AS Byatt  

The Reader, once more

In the last issue of Prospect, Frederic Raphael declared that anybody recommending The Reader must have a tin ear for fiction and a blind eye for evil. AS Byatt was incensed-The Reader, she argues, is a beautifully constructed fable about…
AS Byatt