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Ali Allawi

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Former finance minister of Iraq and writer of “The Crisis of Islamic Civilisation”

Ali Allawi is an Iraqi politician and academic who served as minister of trade and minister of defence in the post-invasion Iraqi cabinet from 2003 to 2004. He has since become a prominent thinker on the history and future direction of Islamic society. Born in Baghdad in 1947, Allawi was active in the opposition to the Baathist regime from 1968 onwards. He spent a number of years in finance in various positions outside Iraq, including a position at the World Bank. Since 2004 he has been a senior visiting fellow at Princeton university and written two books, The Occupation of Iraq (Yale, 2007) and The Crisis of Islamic Civilisation (Yale, 2009).

Middle East commentator Patrick Cockburn described Allawi’s 2007 book outlining the potential routes to peace in Iraq as “by far the most perceptive analysis of the extent of the disaster in his country.”

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