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  1. Love, honour and obey

    I have recently had occasion to work through some of the research on Christianity’s recent decline in the UK. There is something of a consensus in the literature that at least part of the explanation for its deterioration is not, in fact, the rejection of the possibility of a spiritual...
  2. An own goal for Right to Work

    Last week the Right to Work campaign scored a big victory. The protest group, whose avowed mission is to “stop the cuts, defend public services and the welfare state, and fight for every job,” forced Tesco to modify their involvement in the government’s work experience scheme. While the group may...
  3. Britain’s quiet revolution

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    The national poll carried out for Prospect by YouGov has delivered an astonishing result: 74 per cent of people think that Britain spends too much on welfare and should cut benefits. That represents a revolution in attitudes in just a few decades, never mind in the century since the beginnings...
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    Polly Toynbee and Frank Field debate Prospect’s claim that Britain is falling out of love with the welfare state on the Today programme You need to be logged in to see this part of the content. Please either subscribe or Login to access.

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