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  1. Skypeing Syria

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    Every Saturday, many of London’s Syrians put aside their work to travel to Belgrave Square, where they donate clothes and other supplies, bang drums and raise their voices in protest at the Syrian embassy across the street. For those who fled Syria because of their politics, it is a chance...
  2. What next for the St Paul’s protestors?

    It is a battle that has triggered the resignation of churchmen and pitted protestors against the City. (See James Macintyre’s piece on his night at tent city in January’s Prospect). Now, as representatives from the Occupy London site at St Paul’s make one final appeal against eviction, many in the...
  3. Tahrir Square vs the silent majority

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    On the fifth day of protests in Tahrir Square, Egypt’s military ruler Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi addressed the nation with the offer of concessions including a referendum on the immediate transfer of power to a civilian government, and the election of a president by July 2012. His pre-recorded address...
  4. Back to Tahrir Square

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    As dusk fell tonight, Tahrir Square was packed with thousands of protestors demanding the fall of Egypt’s military government. On the third consecutive day of protests and after 36 hours of clashes with the security forces, there was a lull. Sweet potato, corncob and candy-floss vendors mingled with the crowds....
  5. The Minsk dictator school

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    How do dictators survive? The Arab Spring has culled a few, but fewer than once predicted. On the other hand, there are plenty of nervous rulers, notably in Europe’s neighbours to the east, such as Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, long dubbed the “last dictator in Europe.” His economy is bust...
  6. Syria awakes

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    The great waterwheels of Hama don’t turn much anymore. Their once labourious groan has been silenced, as the Orontes River has been reduced to a muddy, green stream. Now, in this Arab spring, Syria has blossomed. In the southern city of Deraa, protestors have taken to the streets to voice...

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