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  1. Egypt’s crisis deepens

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    At 2am, early Tuesday morning, just half a block from the Egyptian Ministry of Interior, crowds start fires and chant slogans against the ruling military junta. Down the street, men from the nearby Abdeen district stand in front of their homes with sticks, knives, and guns, ready to defend the...
  2. Putin’s presidential timetable

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    On this overcast morning in Moscow there is one prevailing feeling about the place: a sense of normality. It is over a week since Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced his candidacy for next year’s presidential election, but to walk around the city, you would never guess it. There are no...
  3. Syria awakes

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    The great waterwheels of Hama don’t turn much anymore. Their once labourious groan has been silenced, as the Orontes River has been reduced to a muddy, green stream. Now, in this Arab spring, Syria has blossomed. In the southern city of Deraa, protestors have taken to the streets to voice...
  4. Parliamentary Prospects

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    Principles of fair and balanced reporting notwithstanding, Prospect is proud to note that several past and present contributors are standing in today’s parliamentary elections: As well as being one of only three female Asian parliamentary candidates, Rushanara Ali, Labour candidate in Bethnal Green and Bow, has written for us on...

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