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  1. Lansley’s curse on competition

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    Andrew Lansley’s health reforms are an albatross hanging around the Coalition’s neck. The health secretary’s inability to sell his flagship policy to the electorate has arguably made the bill politically unviable. Criticism from the left and right, perhaps most significantly Conservative Home editor Tim Montgomerie’s call to scrap the proposals,...
  2. Prospect Think Tank Awards winners announced

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    Prospect held its 11th annual think tank awards last night, presented by Vince Cable, the business secretary and Bronwen Maddox, Prospect’s editor. The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) claimed the top prize. Prospect’s awards, described on Radio 4 as “the Oscars of the think tank world,” received...
  3. NHS reform: this will hurt

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    I was glad to see, in Sam Knight’s cover story, that health secretary Andrew Lansley has come finally clean about his plans for a top-down reorganisation of the NHS. In doing so, however, he reveals not only the government’s readiness to break promises on the health service, but also his...

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