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  1. Cameron: not “betraying Toryism”

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    . . . Of the three party conferences, the Conservatives’ provided the most fodder for that inevitable litmus test of a political story: splits. This year, they were primarily on the nature and existence of EU membership, and the Human Rights Act. But news stories do not always reflect the...
  2. A missed opportunity

    One of the most important hearings in Parliament’s history was overshadowed tonight by a protester with a plastic plate full of shaving foam. Shouting “you are a greedy billionaire,” a young man sprung from behind Rupert Murdoch and shoved the plate at the 80-year-old media mogul at the end of...
  3. The future’s bright for the Liberal Democrats

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    This week YouGov released a poll showing support for the Lib Dems has dropped to a feeble 9 per cent. Abandoning their policy on tuition fees threatens alienating a large part of their base—young people—from the party for years. Most predict annihilation for the Liberals in next year’s local elections....

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