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  1. What happens in Iowa stays in Iowa

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    The attention devoted to the Iowa caucus has been inversely proportional to its importance in the presidential nominating process. This is partly a function of the media’s obsession with the horse-race aspect of American politics, which favours that day’s latest poll numbers and micro-developments over analysis of substantive issues and...
  2. This month in Prospect

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    David Miliband has called the national deficit the biggest argument in British politics—or would have done, had he become Labour leader, according to the now-famous leaked victory speech. The assertion is right, although it undersells the case. Debt and deficits are now the consuming political drama of the developed world....
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    Playboy goes west Is the Midwest’s only great magazine heading into the sunset? You need to be logged in to see this part of the content. Please either subscribe or Login to access.
  4. Republicans get scribbling

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    Sarah Palin’s book tour got her a lot of publicity, but other Republican hopefuls for the 2012 presidential nomination have been bashing away on their laptops too. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is about to publish No Apology: The Case for American Greatness. He plans to use the book tour...
  5. Washington Watch: Republicans in 2012

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    The word is that Mike Huckabee has already started to campaign in Iowa. If that isn’t enough, the first chapter of his new book is none-too-subtly titled “I love Iowa.” Whatever could he be up to? But, four years out, so far it’s a more of a three-way race for...

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