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  1. Clegg’s tightrope

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    There was a telling moment in the press section of the audience for Nick Clegg’s question and answer session with delegates at the Lib Dem conference in Birmingham on Monday afternoon. Clegg had just dropped into the discussion a new pledge of £355m for educating girls in the poorer parts...
  2. Time to give up failed ideas

    Barack Obama may be a liberal Democrat, but his economic policies are to the right of Richard Nixon’s. In 1969, Nixon proposed a guaranteed minimum income for every American and it almost was signed into law. How far we have come. These days, even the most left wing Democrat Congress...
  3. Diary

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    American journalists take up arms, while Finnish journalists and politicians are told to get out of the sauna—plus Nick Clegg and the pandas of doom
  4. Think Tank of the Year Awards—the winners

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    Last night Prospect held the 10th annual Think Tank of the Year Awards at the British Academy in London. Bringing together the nation’s finest political brains in an evening of convivial wonkery, the event has been aptly described by Radio 4 as “the Oscars of the think tank world.” Jeremy...
  5. November editorial: An autumn bonfire of pledges

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    Does it matter in our blasé, postmodern democracy whether political leaders keep their promises? The past few weeks have seen a bonfire of pledges—most dramatically the Tories abandoning universal child benefit and the Liberal Democrat leadership bowing to tuition fees. I think, on balance, both decisions are right; but what...

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