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  1. Prospect recommends: Parallax

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    Parallax by Atlas Sound (4AD, 7th November) Bradford Cox doesn’t have a filter. Between his indie rock band Deerhunter and his solo project Atlas Sound, this is his seventh album in four years, not including the dozens of songs that he’s given away online. This almost constant flow of music...
  2. The leaderless revolution

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    In his new book The Leaderless Revolution, former diplomat Carne Ross offers a compelling new vision of what’s wrong with contemporary politics and how to put it right. In a bold and original analysis of world affairs today, Ross develops a unique new philosophy of political action and personal liberation,...
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    Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas is an illegal immigrant to the US. His story sets Jack Shafer‘s nose itching; others are more sympathetic You need to be logged in to see this part of the content. Please either subscribe or Login to access.
  4. Why can’t we hear women talking about politics?

    Where have all the women gone? This election has become a woman-free zone. Every time you turn on the TV or tune into Radio 4, it’s chaps, chaps, chaps. We are drowning in chaps. Political chaps, expert chaps, chaps as commentators, psephological chaps counting, historical chaps contextualising, journalist chaps inspecting...

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