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  1. Number cruncher: a matter of trust

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    As the party conference season gets under way, how much will we believe of what politicians and commentators say? Not a lot, according to new YouGov research for Prospect. It will come as little surprise that trust in politicians has declined since the age of innocence, before the Iraq war....
  2. Living an augmented election

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    I watched the electoral debate last night online, over a Subway sandwich and some late editing work in the Prospect office. My video view of the action—as I gradually deduced from others’ eerily prescient tweets—was about a minute behind live television. It was also a relatively minor part of the...
  3. Five thoughts on the debate

    I watched the debate last night with a group of people invited to a bar in central London by a PR company. I have five reflections. 1. Clegg won, therefore Cameron “won.” The conventional wisdom before the event was that Clegg was the likely winner, simply by having a third...
  4. Don DeLillo’s guide to the first election debate

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    Tonight sees Britain’s first ever general election leadership debate, a deeply portentous occasion which “could decide the election,” as many of the newspapers explained this morning. Meanwhile, tonnes and tonnes of ash are spewing out of an Icelandic volcano and over Britain, hovering over us like the mysterious Airborne Toxic...
  5. Letter of the month: why Britain can’t do The Wire

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    Peter Jukes (November) offers good reasons for America’s television drama being better than Britain’s, but he omits a key problem. In the US, not only is there genuine competition for talent between the networks—both free-to-air and cable—but there are powerful independent distributors that can underpin a show-runner’s position and contribute...

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