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  1. The centre is holding

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    Outspending his main rival 5 to 1, Mitt Romney won a significant plurality in Tuesday’s Florida Primary and so regained momentum in the race for the Republican nomination. We are entering a lull in the campaign, with only a few states voting in February. The next big test is Super...
  2. What if Ron Paul wins Iowa?

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    The world’s most frightening reality show is about to get a new star. On January 3, the 2012 Republican race for the presidential nomination will enter new phase as the voters of Iowa choose their preferred candidate. Up until now, the campaign has been all televised debates and pundit pontificating....
  3. One to watch: George P Bush

    George P Bush—or “P,” as he is known—is the eldest son of Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, and nephew of George W Bush. Aged 35, he only recently got involved in politics and is not yet standing for any office, but is already being touted as heir apparent...
  4. Don’t worry, be happy

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    The clock is ticking.  The US economy is tied to the railroad tracks, the train is due to arrive Tuesday 2nd August. The rescuers are dithering, arguing about tax hikes and entitlement cuts. An agreement was expected last week; now the unthinkable has become imaginable. A senate vote is scheduled for...

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