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  1. Anatomy of Melancholia

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    Lars von Trier calls Melancholia a “rom com” but I don’t think anybody else would since the movie opens (and closes) with the obliteration of the entire planet. “No more happy endings,” the dour Dane proclaims. But despite a wedding reception from hell and a beautiful and brilliant depiction of...
  2. Prospect recommends: art

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    Gauguin: Maker of Myth Tate Modern It was the financial crisis of 1882-83 that propelled Paul Gauguin out of his job as a stockbroker and into full-time pursuit of art. He chased his muse—abandoning his wife and five children—from France to Copenhagen, from Panama to Martinique, and from Brittany to...
  3. Final Copenhagen wrap-up: don’t blame China

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    With Christmas upon us, the dust has settled on Copenhagen. And as Prospect editor David Goodhart posted yesterday, the settled view is becoming: blame China. Mark Lynas wrote an especially coruscating piece about it in the Guardian yesterday—a piece with which their editor agreed so strongly that he used his...
  4. Copenhagen: not a failure

    Copenhagen is being called a failure, with various candidates blamed. Naomi Klein says it was Obama’s fault. Mark Lynas today is blaming the Chinese. But the conference wasn’t a failure. Or it was only so when measured against unrealistic expectations. As Tony Brenton pointed out in the FT (letters, December...

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