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  1. Budget 2014: Osborne vs the pensions industry

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    George Osborne, who today announced a complete overhaul of the pensions industry ©/PA Wire/Press Association Images Read more in-depth analysis of this year’s Budget in Prospect George Osborne’s Budget speech was the last but one before next year’s election. The silence in the run up to it was deafening—not a leak,...
  2. Will George Osborne be forever blowing bubbles?

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    Why does economics consistently produce an equal number of reasons for optimism and alarm, as such existing in a perpetual state of self-cancellation? On Thursday this week George Osborne, the Chancellor, will give the Autumn Statement during which he will no doubt stress, at length, his reasons for feeling confident in...
  3. Pulling the levers of finance

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    This is the exchange of letters between the two most powerful people in the British economy, in which they have agreed to press ahead with an investigation into whether the Bank of England needs to have the power to set a leverage ratio for UK financial services firms. First, the Chancellor,...

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