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  1. How Britain can save a “narco state”

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    Frederick Forsyth was in Guinea-Bissau when the country’s president Joao Bernardo Vieira was assassinated in 2009. The thriller writer was looking for “the flavour, the odour, of a pretty washed-up, impoverished, failed west African mangrove swamp,” a search which led him straight to the former Portuguese colony. “I thought, what...
  2. Running faster just to keep up

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    In the long term, are we getting richer because pay is rising, or are we simply working harder? That’s the question looked at by some interesting new research from the Brookings Institution. The work compares long-term trends in the wages of US households with changes in the number of hours...
  3. Fleet Foxes: Hammersmith Apollo

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    Robin Pecknold addresses the microphone as if under submission: hips forward, shoulders hunched back, features scrunched in earnest anxiety. For a man whose songs evoke wariness of success and stardom, it is a fitting posture. And for a band whose diffident stage presence is so ill-suited to grand arenas, he...
  4. Prospect recommends: film

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    Ruben Östlund’s award-winning debut feature, Involuntary, out now in selected cinemas, is a startlingly fresh and intelligent film.  Some critics have compared it to the work of Neil Labute (In the Company of Men, 1997) and Todd Solondz (Happiness, 1998), although these parallels are misleading.  While their work uses grotesques...
  5. Europe’s Muslim future

    A fast-growing Muslim population is a threat to European values, according to the “Eurabianists.” But a culture war in which fundamentalists of all faiths fight secularism is a more worrying trend

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